I accidentally got pissed and stoned today haha

I went shopping and while there I decide to get a 12 pack of beer, as it’s my mum’s birthday, although, she dosen’t drink, but it’s a good enough reason to have a drink me thinks hehe 🙂

Then I deceided to get some weed, and got some for my house mate, I lent her the money until tomorrow.

Then I took my dad (step) to the hospital to have his pace maker checked up. It’s doing great, he was releaved at how well it went, no problems, didn’t have to do anything. He said it’s all on the computor now, and they just clicked something to his chests cloths 🙂

I parked right outside because I have a disabled badge hehe, and I waited for nearly an hour, which was fine, as I played 8 Ball pool on my phone, and listened to music from my Ipod plugged in to my stereo, which is kick ass, so it’s sounds really good, even when not that loud hehe 🙂

Then bough my mum flower’s and After 8’s, mint choclolate’s, dropped my dad off and went in for coffee and cake with Peg, Rosa and Holly, made my dad a cup of tea.

Then went home, after dropping Peg off, because I was worn out HaHa 🙂 🙂

Started on the beers and the weed hehe

This just in, after being 3 beers and a few one skinners inner’s, so it wern’t easy, but it’s because I think it’s really important 🙂

(I’ve mastered rolling a fag with one hand, so I smoke one skinner’s)

Q said that they were saving Israel for last, Israel is not mentioned once on the Q intel, and Q points that out in one of his Drops. (they call the posts, drops) And breaking headlines in mainstream media, Israel Airstrikes on Gaza Strip.

We most be very close to the Reset………….AGAIN HAHAHAHAHA

🙂 🙂 🙂

Fingers crossed


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