What if USA, China, Russia and others are working togeather to destroy the New World Order?


Back on http://www.tarotbyjanine.com This is what she’s saying:

Bad Putin was taken out about 11 years and replaced by a good Putin, by the white hats 🙂

Biden gone (executed) about 3 years ago.

Don’t be fooled by the coming world war 3 scenario. (everything is under white hat control)

All religions are corrupt at the top 😦

Trump was groomed for the position decades before he got there, without his knowledge, and didn’t know how much, until he bacame prez.

Best, long term plan ever, if you ask me hehe

This bits me speaking to you……..Religions are created to control you. All you have to do is go inside yourself, meditate etc and you will find the answers to all your questions, if you do it every day, or frequently. You don’t need churches, etc.

Mr C’s dad is an American Indian, and Mr C can’t be corrupted, and he worked with lots of corrupt people, like Bush Seniour for years, that’s why the Chinese Elder’s picked him to put the codes in that will change the world, over night 🙂

That’s all folks, I’m off for my Sunday pint on the moors.

Peace out


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