I’m still watching tarot by Janine, but she hasen’t said much new info 🙂

She says that the RV has been delayed……..well, I know that, because I follow it every day. And everything is a white hat opp to wake the world up. So the same thing for ages now haha

I guess some people are just a bit slow, or something hehe She takes ages to go over about 3 or 4 things, like 40 minutes, and she talks, and shuffles her cards for 15 minutes before she does the first reading, and repeats herself a lot, which is quite frustrating for me haha So now I forward the first 15 minutes to were she lays the first cards 🙂

I think I may be an empath, as I seem to feel everything a lot, and I know my mum is an empath, but much worse than me.

I want to help everyone, and make everyone feel better haha.

Especialy if they are going through hard times.

I used to worry that my girl would find it hard, because I’m so blunt sometimes. But I recently found out that Aquarius and Scorpio’s are very blunt and to the point, no messing about, which is a relife to me hehe

(My girl and me, respectively)


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