I got another 30 ban yesterday, for sharing a video of how the MNRA vaccine infects all the organs.

I had a good run tho, about 3 weeks this time, which is more than the last 3 years hahaha

It’s world Quantum day tomorrow, 14th April, and the new finacial system is called the Quantum Finacial System, so lets see if it happens tomorrow 🙂

I think it will be a Sunday, because that’s Gods day for a lot of peeps hehe

It can’t go on much longer…….the cost of living has gone up so much, people all over the world are suffering. But I do understand that we only get one chance to lock up all the criminals, and it has to be air tight, so they don’t get off on a technicality, but come on man, as Biden said…haha

Get it it fucking done please…..

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