I’ve got a hypossasees, (know I spelt that wrong haha) JFKjr and his wife, Caroline, found out how big the child traficking was a long time ago, found out there was a plan to take them out, faked there deaths, and that gave them lots of time to combat the child trafficking 🙂

On Telegram there’s JFK’s wife, Caroline, under the name CBK, and she recently posted that Jonathan Rothchild was arrested in London, for treason, and I’ve got a book called planet Rothchild, so…………..haha, not anymore…….. and then the main man in Ukraine resposable for the child trafficking, had been arrested, and over 300 child traffickers had been killed, and lots of children rescuded, and big news like that happens almost daily on her site 🙂

Ukraine is the centre of Deep State, well, EVERYTHING, bio labs, child trafficking etc that’s where covid, convid, haha, originaly came from me thinks, then got shipped to China.

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