I had a bottle of red to myself last night, after picking up my dad from the hospital, finaly, and contemplated me being alone for valentines, and with my girl on the otherside of the planet, I was a bit down hehe 🙂

Feeling better today though.


I have to pick my dad up from the hospital today. Over a week he’s been there now, just for a CT scan, which they did today, so now he can go home 🙂

When I texted my girl saying I wouldn’t text again until I’m in India, I really thought I would be in India by now, but I’m not, so I texted her on her birthday last week, and Valentines day today 🙂

Queen Diana has executed a lot of peopke according to JFK Jr’s Telegram channal. Including King Charles and Camila, Boris Johnson, and many people in Oz, as she’s the Queen there too.

I have no idea if this is true, we will have to wait and see.



I guess I’m so patient because I know it’s much bigger than just this planet. It’s a multi dimensional war, with ET’s and breaking up a worldwide Cabal that has been in charge of the planet for million’s of years 🙂

Now some stuff from Gene decode:

We came here, our ancestors, from Tiamont, a much bigger planet that is now the asteroid belt, because the evil ones blew it up. I think that’s were Atlantis comes in to the picture, but don’t hold me to it hehe

Atlantis and Lira got destroyed by the Cabal.

There’s a portal in Ukraine that goes to Mars and other places, and that’s some of the reason for the fighting there, and it’s the main hangout for the nazi’s and the cabal.

The plan to save the world was started by Nikola Tesla, the Trump brothers, and two others, back at the begining of the 19th century. Time travel is part of that plan, that’s why Q pridicts so much stuff with bang on accuracy.

It’s unimaginably brilliant, the years, the complexity of the plan 🙂

EVERYTHING is under control, worldwide, and there is no reason to worry about anything, just look forward to all the blessings we will have, worldwide.


OHHH, and I did a cloths wash, which is down the hall, and I have to drag my wash basket their, in the the comunal area, and after it’s done, I have to carry my cloths back in one arm, which is a thing in it’s self hehe.

I normally do one or two things at most in one day, because I get so tired, because of the stroke, and that’s loads of things in one day. I can’t remember how many it was already hahahaha

I’m just gonna stop writing now…………..


I accidentally got pissed and stoned today haha

I went shopping and while there I decide to get a 12 pack of beer, as it’s my mum’s birthday, although, she dosen’t drink, but it’s a good enough reason to have a drink me thinks hehe 🙂

Then I deceided to get some weed, and got some for my house mate, I lent her the money until tomorrow.

Then I took my dad (step) to the hospital to have his pace maker checked up. It’s doing great, he was releaved at how well it went, no problems, didn’t have to do anything. He said it’s all on the computor now, and they just clicked something to his chests cloths 🙂

I parked right outside because I have a disabled badge hehe, and I waited for nearly an hour, which was fine, as I played 8 Ball pool on my phone, and listened to music from my Ipod plugged in to my stereo, which is kick ass, so it’s sounds really good, even when not that loud hehe 🙂

Then bough my mum flower’s and After 8’s, mint choclolate’s, dropped my dad off and went in for coffee and cake with Peg, Rosa and Holly, made my dad a cup of tea.

Then went home, after dropping Peg off, because I was worn out HaHa 🙂 🙂

Started on the beers and the weed hehe

This just in, after being 3 beers and a few one skinners inner’s, so it wern’t easy, but it’s because I think it’s really important 🙂

(I’ve mastered rolling a fag with one hand, so I smoke one skinner’s)

Q said that they were saving Israel for last, Israel is not mentioned once on the Q intel, and Q points that out in one of his Drops. (they call the posts, drops) And breaking headlines in mainstream media, Israel Airstrikes on Gaza Strip.

We most be very close to the Reset………….AGAIN HAHAHAHAHA

🙂 🙂 🙂

Fingers crossed


Q did say that only 20% would be made public and 80% would never be told because it would put the majority of the world in hospital with mental breakdowns etc

So I don’t know how much disclosure we will get about the pedo’s and what they did. I have heard of a video where Hilary cuts off the face of a child, while still alive, and puts it over her face so she gets even more terrified than she already is, so she makes adrenachrome, the blood of the kids that makes you look younger 😦

Now I don’t know about you guys and gals, but that’s more than enough for me to know that I don’t want to know anymore. And that’s just scraping the surface of the sick things they do to the children.

I wasn’t even sure if I should write that much about it, but you can get a better idea of why 80% is private now. I feel dirty just writing about it. I don’t think I can write about this subject anymore, as it’s to distressing for me and you 🙂

I hope you can see, that I thought it was important to write about it though, because it’s all about the children, so this can NEVER happen again.

I’m only going to write about good stuff from now on, try and keep the vibe high hehe 🙂 🙂 🙂


So I just watched the Jean-Claude & Janine rumble show, and this is most of what she said with the cards 🙂

Vice President, Mike Pence is really bad and was working with Hilary Clinton for decades in the background and Trump new he was bad for a long time and that’s why he was VP, keep your friends close and your enimies closer haha

Tom Hanks was deep, deep cover for decades and has bought a lot of people to justice 🙂

Adam Shiff made a deal ages ago and is just playing a part in this movie.

NFL player,Jessie, really did die from the vax, and it will wake a lot of people up. He was only 25, but the cards say that he fulfilled his life mission 🙂

Lisa Marie Presley is still alive, and is playing a part in the movie. She agreed to play this part and will come back later.

Elvis is alive, and coming back, maybe Autum/fall in the US 🙂

Reveal coming on how they do the fake deaths, and how some people died years ago, like Bill and Melinda Gates, who I believe was strung up in India back in 2015ish I think hehe

Robin Williams is alive, and faked his death to work with the white hats, and is doing good work. He is playing different men, and women, like Melinda Gates, for instance, who have been dealt with already haha

Justin Turdo, as Janine calls him, has been dealt with a long time ago and there’s a few different people who are playing him hehe

I have to say, the scope of this whole Q operation is just mind blowing……..and to the point that the ones who are awake to what is really going on have a nice little show, or shows, to watch, while we’re waking the rest of the sleepers……..quite brilliant, and entertaning for those that know about it, which is proberly a few million, at least, worldwide hehe

Good job guys

I can’t wait for my blessings, so I can share it with my family and friends 🙂

We are entering a whole new existence and 1000 years of peace on planet earth.


It just dawned on me this morning, during my walk, that I’m so fucking close to getting all 3 things that I have been praying for, for 10 years……..My health, my wealth, and my perfect girl 🙂

And if she’s my perfect girl, then it stands to reason that I’m her prefect man, because the universe dosn’t make mistakes hehe and I’m going to love her like she’s my perfect girl too, treat her with respect, cumming first hehe (I hope) etc.

And non of you should be worried because by the end of 2023 you will all have more wealth, more free time to spend it on things you like 🙂

We are entering the golden age for humanity…………and I’m really fucking excited whoop whoop


I just watched Clones and Black Navy Operations in Diego Garcia on http://www.exopoliticstoday.com and it was fascinating stuff 🙂

Incredible stuff on time travel, age regression, tunnel people, roaming gangs in the tunnels, maglevs, trains underground that run super fast all over the world and their on magnets that levitate above the tracks. 8 feet tall reptilians, little grey aliens, insectoid beings who are in charge of experiments on humans.

He agreeded to this before he incarnated on earth as a spy so that he could be tortuerd etc and gather information so that they can put a stop to this behaviour. He was taken to Diego Garcia, which is a military base in the Indian ocean, and had things done to him 😦

Aparently it’s a place where you can go to Mars and other planets, has a portal there.

He was taken, kidknapped at 23, did 2 years at Diego Garcia, then was age regressed and dropped off near his house at about the same time he left, so no one new he was missing. I know that sounds far fetched, but I have listened to many similar stories since 2018 and I trust the site that this comes from as I’ve been using it for years.

He was kidknapped in 1981 and his memorys started coming back in 2015. Because they mind wipe you when you come back so you don’t remeber anything. But a small percentage of people can get their memory’s back with hypnosis and other methods 🙂

At Dulce in America there were cages underground where they did experiments on people, and those people in the cages had a far off kinda stare, where they had been totured for years, some of them 😦

Corey Goode was the first whisleblower I watched back in 2018, with David Wilcock, who is now building hover cars with alien tech for the masses 🙂

I will recomend this for anyone who’s interested……which is none, because no one reads my shit apparently haha

Maybe my girl sometimes and one other hehe

Anyway, I liked it 🙂