we all chose to be here right now but few people remember because thats part of the problem of reincarnation, you forget your purpose. well i’m here to remind you all. 🙂

alot of people wanted to come here in this life time because its a very important time for the world. But we have been chosen because we are strong and we’re going to be pushed to the limit, and beyond. I finally understand my mission, that is to wake everyone else up.

Since the age of 20 when i moved to london with my sister and discovered the trance scene, basicly the slighty more enlightened people of this earth. Now is the time to get back intouch with the earth and live a more intune exsistance with the planet. renewable energy, partying like all the Trance people, with love and affection for the planet and ALL the people on it.

Because, if we sit back and do nothing then the chances are it will end in nuclear war again. yes i said again. This is not the first time and and it probally won’t be the last. I saw on FB recently that they now think the sphinx in Egypt is 800,000 years old and there finding more and more ancient civilisations around the world every day.

But its up to EVERY individual to get to a happy, positive place in there heads, because thats the only real thing we can have an impact on, the thoughts in our own heads. And then spread the POSITIVE energy with our actions around the world. Like helping other people and expecting nothing in return.


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