i just watched a thing on FB where it describes in detail the bible and the coming destruction of Babylon (USA). it says that Russia will strike the USA with an EMP before January 2017 and completely wipe out the USA. But it says that people who are thankful and appreciate what they have everyday (it actually says people who follow the Lord’s word etc) will survive.

I take everything I see on FB with a pinch of salt but this really put it so well that I thought it was worth a mention seeing as I am writing a blog and it said that the fact that I was watching it meant I was meant to see it. And so many things in the bible have come true, the 2 world wars etc that I Thought the end of life as we know it for the USA was worth talking about.

Apparantly the rest of the world will be ok because Russia will use the EMP 20 miles above the USA. Now, I don’t know if this is true or not, but like i said, its worth a mention. Also, I’ve had a stroke so can’t explain it very well. its called ‘6 secrets they don’t want you to know’ with a drawing of people sat round a table. you might be able to find it if you friend request me on FB and go to my page.


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