20 February 2019 Ok, so it’s been a while since my last post as I thought no one was reading it. Then I got a message from Glynis (I changed the names before but i’m not going to do that anymore) and she said she was inspired by what I wrote so i’m going to continue if it helps others. That’s what i’m about I think, I just want to help others. So now I have moved from my sisters in to my own place just round the corner from my mum. £525 everything included, even internet :-) I have a car now, a red Nissan Juke, and I’m volunteering at Dartmoor Zoo on Thursdays at Grow for Good, where we grow veg and keep the trees and hedges of the zoo looking nice. It’s designed for people like me who have a disability, mentally or physically. So you have a guy called Mark who has PTSD, and he has a friend, Nigel that also goes there and they both smoke weed so I’ve been to Mark and Nigel’s houses a couple of times to smoke weed and listen to Craig Charles on saturdays some kind of funk, very good. I went to Goa again for 3 months. I left on New years Eve and came back on the 31st March. Stayed in Columb between Patnem and Palolem just in front of my friends Tanja and Latu. I didn’t drink for 2 months as I was getting free treatment at The Bone and Body clinic. It should of cost 1000’s of pounds but they do 1 or 2 a year for free and I was the lucky one that year. I went there every week day from 9.30 until 1pm. Apparently I had dislocated my shoulder on the damaged side and didn’t even know, so they popped it back in and then told me it had happened. It hurt a lot for about 2 weeks so they gave me some Ayurvedic pain killers. I also had my hair dreaded again by a girl who was working at the circus. I can’t remember her name right now but she’s from Poland I think and lives in the UK now. It begins with M I think hehehe ;-) she’ll kill me for that haha. But the best thing about the last year is Q. He started posting on 4chan then 8chan last year, in late october I think it was,which is some internet thingy. And he is the mouth piece of the Alliance, people from all over the world, many who used to be in the Cabal, working with Donald Trump to take down the Cabal, a group of people who have been running the world for at least 10,000 years. I know it sounds like some kind of science fiction but believe me it is very real. He posts most days although he does go quite from time to time, even for a week or two. He gives us the heads up on whats going on months before it gets on the news. And the news is controlled by the Deep State or Cabal. There have been an unprecedented amount of arrests of child traffickers in the last 2 years, children who are sold to elites and top government officials around the world for paedophilia, torture and murder. They torture them until they realise adrenaline in to the blood stream which creates adrenachrome which they then drink,apparently its a bit like acid and makes you a lot younger…..absolutely sick if you ask me. Probably ¾ of Hollywood and at least a 3rd of politicians around the world,including UK are pedos. You can follow Q’s work on blessed 2 Teach on youtube or the X22 report, in the matrixxx on youtube and many others. I was using Blessed 2 Teach but now I’m using in the matrixxx cus I like the way they do it and no fee’s ;-) 30/03/19 In the matrixxx is live on youtube at 17.00 every week day. I’m watching this every day now. Also Serial Brain 2 does bigger decodes on ‘and we know’ on you tube and he can explain it much better than I can. You can follow Q’s drops on Qmap.pub The Cabal, Deep state, are losing and will soon be defeated. The Deep state’s ultimate goal is Communism, and they’ve tried it many times. Like world war 1 + 2. This will all be made public across the world soon, and it will be shocking, the pedo’s,the deception, the classified technology’s that will heal our planet. It’s a very exiting time to be alive. We are on the precipice of our world changing for the better in unbelievable ways. The next 5 years are going to be very interesting.

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