04/03/19 Ok so I’m sitting here with a bottle of beer and decided to write some more. So when I worked in London I was living in Kentish Town with my sister Peggy and about 5 others. I was 19 when I moved there. I drove to London with my sis and her boyfriend Calvin, only for a visit but liked it so I stayed with Peggy and her friends in Camden, then just up the road, can’t remember the name, about 10 minutes away, Then North London with my new girl friend Tosh in Higher Barnet. Tosh was 19 I think and had a 2 year old called Mia who’s now 20 something. I was with her for about 2 years and thats the first time I went to Goa, India with her for 2 weeks. That’s where I discovered my love for India ;-) Now I go there most years for 3 – 6 months if I can. I did a few different jobs including a buyer for DCM, Dunk Construction Management, Delivery driver for a company delivering records and CD’s where I went to EMI and other’s to pick up CD’s and records for Finger Licking Records, among other’s. Where I delivered to Bar Vynl in Camden among other’s. Then I worked for FX Rentals delivering studio equipment and 48 track tape machine’s, you need 4 people to lift them. I delivered to Abby Road studio and many more all over London and Guilford to name a few places that I can’t remember the names of right now. Then I lived on a canal boat called Anvil with my sister living on a boat next doorish sometimes because we were on the canal so I could move between Harlesden and little venice. I lived with Erik the viking who is a trance DJ and wrote the track I used for meditation on my e-course here. While I lived in London we, Russell and Vince and I did a sound system for Kate in a cottage in the forest in Rowland’s Castle near Portsmouth. i’d moved out of london and Tosh’s by then, first with Scott and Emma in Aldershot then moved into a caravan in Ewshot near Cranleigh Surrey. I was still working for FX Rentals back then. It was only about 40 minutes from London up the A3 and the the north circler. I moved in with Kate in Rowland’s Castle when I got banned from driving, until we spit up 2 years later when I moved to Brighton and had my hair dreaded and went to Goa for 6 months. Russell is Peg’s friend and we used to do Trance party’s at Tyson Street studio’s in East London and boat party’s on the river Thames in London on Sundays with Finger Licking records and other’s, day time party’s among many others. The sound system was called P.O.D sound system, Power Of Dance, and we used to do free party’s on The Ridgeway in Oxfordshire, Techno and trance party’s. Until I got banned from driving for a year because I had 1 pint with some food and then parked just outside my friend Emma’s house because she was in the bath so I was waiting for her to get out the bath and fell asleep with the stereo on and woke up to the police knocking on my window. I found out nearly a year later, when my ban was almost up, that the machine’s they were using in Surrey, Guilford was reading over so I wasn’t actually over the limit. Hahaha ;-) I didn’t pull them up on it as you had to do it on a one by one basis and my ban was almost up.

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