21 January 2022


Hi, well the last thing that I wrote had the desired effect because she texted me and said I’m going to have wet dreams thinking about your blog 😉

Don’t worry, I’m coming soon but I find myself thinking of you a lot these last few days and it’s going to be a while before I can see you so don’t get pissed off if I don’t text you every day, although I may 🙂 hahaha but, like i said, it’s going to be a while and I don’t want to get obsessed with you hehe.

Anyway, I want to explain how my life has changed since my stroke, it will be 11 years in march.

I started eating almost only organic fruit and veg where ever possible because a pain killer gave me the stroke so I started to think more about what I put in my body. I started to use fluride free toothpaste and a water filter that takes the fluride out because fluride messes up your pineal gland and you can’t see through the bull shit that’s everywhere in society. I have never watched the news all my adult life because i know it’s all bs. They are just trying to get you to follow a narrative that has nothing to do with reality.

I am are very powerful words when using them for self help 😉

When I go for my woodland walk in the mornings I say “I am fit and healthy, I am super wealthy, I am enough, I am praying that we are safe to have the RV today, I am praying that we rescue all the children and keep the rescuers safe, thank you for the QFS, thank you for the QVS, thank you for the QES. Quantum finacial system, Quantum voting system, Quantum education system.

I am not healthy as I want to be because of my stroke, I not super wealthy, but I am enough hehehe

But when I started saying that 10 years ago I didn’t know about medbeds, I didn’t know how I would be wealthy and I didn’t think I was enough because of my stroke. But I told a girl in Germany who I had met in Goa ( I don’t ever really talk to her so I have no idea why I told her anything hehe bloody stroke) years before about an investment I had heard about where certain currency’s would be worth a lot of money when the Global currency reset happens. Zimbawe dollar, Iraci dinar and vietnamese dong, and then promptly forgot because of my stroke hehe but she didn’t forget me and about 1 year later she sent a zimbabwe 100 Trillion dollar note because apparently people who have some zim will be one of the first to use a medbed, after the children from the deep underground military bases DUMBS that have been used for pedophillia for decades, but that’s nearly cleaned up now thank god.

Also zim holders will have a choice of humanitarin projects to do, or they can choose there own. I want to plant trillons of trees, flying cars and a few other ideas.

According to Dutch Green Bussiness DGB there is about 3 trillion trees on the planet right now and there should be at least 6 so Trump has pledged 1 T so I want to pledge at least 2 T to get us back to where we should be, but maybe more, and DGB is located in Cornwal now at Camelot castle with John Mapin as the bussiness guy there. And it’s a hotel so I can stay there when I go to speak to him about it and go on some nice costal walks and find out some stuff about King Arther so that will be fun.

Ok, thats enough for now as my bum hurts hehehe

It’s getting bloody cold here so I hope the GCR is soon so I go to Goa and be in the sun until sumer returns 🙂

I’ve rested me arse now hehe………The point of the above dialologe is if you do the work on the inside and have faith that no matter what or how long it takes your dreams can and will come true. I say thank you every night before sleep as i’m going to sleep for about 15 things, including my perfect health, which isn’t here yet but i know it’s coming.

Also, after my stroke I learnt very quickly to not give a fuck what anybody thought of me and my physical disability’s because I would never leave the house again if I did. Now I drive an automatic car with a knob on the steering wheel and brake with my left foot because I haven’t got time to feel sorry for myself, I just adapt and over come because that’s the kind of guy I am and if you don’t like it you can do one hehehe

God, I’m on fire today hehe

Thanks again, you know who you are 🙂

What else can I say today? I think we are really close to the GCR and I can’t wait to start my humanitarian project’sand get out of this country for warmer climes.

I have a special love for India and have been there about 15 times now. I started with Goa when I was 20 with my girlfriend, Tosh, for 2 weeks and fell in love with the place. She had a one year old daughter but she left me for another man that was our friend but regeted it years later when she had moved to Brighton and I met up with her after my stroke hehe more fool you 😉

Then I split up with another girlfriend who lived in the woods near Portsmouth. I moved there after London when I got banned from driving for being over the limit, but it turned out I was under the limit and their machines were falty in Surrey, but I didn’t find that out until my one year ban was almost up haha.

At 25, moved to Brighton, got my hair dreaded and got a 5 grand bank lone and fucked off to Goa again for 6 months. I have been all the way to the tip of india on my own, to Kanyakamari, via kodai kanal and Kerala, went on some back water boat trips in Kerala. I have been on safari in north india looking for tigers but didn’t see any hehe, I’ve white water rafted down the Ganges twice on 2 different visits to Rishikesh, I went to Goa at least 2 times after my stroke, one time for 3 months in 2018 and once for 9 months where I did 3 months in Goa and met Major an older gent who had built a house near Almora, I can’t rember where right now but maybe it will come back to me. ( it just came back to me, Kasa Devi)I had been to Almora a few years before so i new it a bit. So I went there in March and stayed with a family there, Champa was the name of the woman and she had dreads down to her arse and 2 sons, Papu and I can’t rember the other one but champa used to come down and cook my meals for me, all included in the price of Majors house. Champa died from a toxic mushroom a few years after I was there and I haven’t been back since, but I will visit them this year for sure

After a month or two I found somewhere in a village a few miles away that dealt with people who had a stroke so I moved in there for a fee and stayed there until my visa was up and then went to Nepal with Papu to renew my visa. I had been to Nepal years earlier with Chris and Tajana on a visa run, I was just along for the ride an the adventure last time but it was my turn this time.

The last time I was there I was shagging a nepales/daramasala girl while we were there and on the last day we got really pissed and I fell down the stairs and knocked myself out and when I came to she had robbed me of all the money I had just takin out earlier that day and I never saw her again hehe

Luckerly an italian lady from Goa that I new was also there on a visa run and she spoke to Panta who owns Bhakti Kutir in Columb south Goa and he sent me some money to get home hahaha It’s quite mad remebering it all now……

When I got back from Goa in April 2018 they had stopped all my benefits and I was only on £300 a month for ages until it went to court and then they realized I wasn’t faking it so I got a load of money backdated so I used it for oxygen treatment in St Austel, Cornwal, which is about an hour and 20 minutes from my house. you have to go in a sealed room for an hour at a time and it’s like going underwater for an hour and you have an oxygen mask on for and hour and you just read a book for an hour. there’s about 5 or 6 chairs in there with oxygen masks and sometimes I did 2 sessions in one day with some lunch in between. after 10 session I had the maximum amount and only had to go back once a week after that, but lockdown started soon after so I only went back one or 2 times after the max but my memory, walking and pretty much everything improved after that. Especily acording to the people at the Dartmoor zoo where I had been volunteering for the last few years. It was for people with disability’s and PTSD and things like that.


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