23rd January 2022


I woke up at 6am this morning, which is really unsual and had a desire to write so here I am. Don’t know what I’m going to say so…….

I still really love psytrance and listen to shpongle a lot, especily when writing, which is chilled out psytrance. I think I was thinking the girl who inspired me to write again and couldn’t get back to sleep hehe

I just had to put shpongle on because when there’s lyrics i can’t concentrate on writing and my mind goes blank 😉

People like thinkyourselfhappy.org on Facebook about once a week, if that, but I have no idea if they read my blog or not but no one has given a donation for my course yet in about 7 years so…..haha I guess they don’t think someone who has had a stroke can write anything of significance. I’m not bothered either way, it helped me massively so I put it down on my computer and gave it to my sister, Peg, who writes for a living and she made the course really. It was just my ideas and expirience.

I have sooooo much to say but sometimes my mind just goes blank and I can’t think of nothing hehe

Maybe just lie on my bed and listen to shpongle for a while and wait and see if I get inspired somemore……

As soon as I lay down I got inspired hahaha I have my computer wired upto my 32″ TV and after 1 minute my pictures of a lot of my times in india come up, and some pictures of V festival in the uk where I worked for a couple of seasons putting up a sign for the NME tent, that’s all I had to do and it took 3 of us a few hours and then we had a backstage pass for the whole event. sweet deal huh?

But it’s mostly my times in india which is perfect inspiration to go back year after year.

I’ve just remered that the peson who inspired me told her friends to read my blog :-0 hehe I hope they forgive me….I can’t take it back now……


I don’t even know how to go back and read what I wrote hahahaha that’s how much of a technophobe I am.

Just been shopping and my daily coffee and walk in the woods but it was only a short one because it’s bloody cold wind today and I will be mosty spending it in bed watching movies on youtube.

Come on RV so I can get to Goa in the sun.

And get started with my humanitarian projects obviosly 😉

Ohhhh,I don’t think paypal is working anymore so you can’t donate anyway haha well no bothered anyway so I don’t think I’m going to worry about it hehe.


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