29th January 2022


I can’t tell you how to get intouch with spirit, God, universe, what ever you want to call it. You have to find you’re own unique way, I can tell you how I do it 🙂 First off, you have to have faith that everything is going to be ok, especily when you go through something like a stroke, like I did. That is where my faith started in ernest really, because I didn’t die, although I was close, but I was very poorly for years.

So I started with being thankful for stuff every night when I was in bed, just before going to sleep. I said thank you for my family, thank you for my friends, thank you for my perfect health, even though I was far from healthy, because you can say thank you for stuff you want to happen as well, and say it like you already have it. Thank you for my perfect chinese girlfriend, ( I wanted someone who wouldn’t cheat on me because when I had the stroke my girl at the time slept with my flat mate while I was in the hospital, which wasn’t very nice. And now I’m in love with an anglo indian, so that was pretty close to what I wanted, and I’m definatly not complaining due to the fact that I’m head over heels in love with her. hehe, I hope I don’t regret saying that later. hehe). Thank you for the money I have, thank you for the money I spend. And more recently, a couple of years ago, thank you for being here at this amazing time in history, thank you for rescuing all the children and keeping the rescuers safe, thank you for zim, thank you for the trillions of dollars for humanity ( you have to reach for the stars with this stuff, why not. hehehe) thank you for protecting Trump and his family (because without him there would be no Global Currecy Reset and revaluation backed by gold. We would of had the great reset where you own nothing and be happy according to Claus swabb and the econmic forum) thank you for protecting all the white hat’s and there family’s, thank you for taking out the deep state, pedo, illuminati, ( I lumped it all togeather because most of them are pedo’s and it’s all the same thing), thank you for the QFS, QVS and QES, ( I said that bit a few days ago I think) and thank you for GESARA, Global Econmic Securities And Reformation Act. God bless you all, have a beautiful day, aloha. ( I knicked the last bit off santa surfing who used to do a show on youtube before she got banned for speaking the truth, along with many others, about a year or so ago). I recently found her on Telegram, the only place left that you can have free speech and is not owned by the Cabal, Deep state, Illuminati, what ever you want to call them, it’s all the same thing. hehe

And now, all these years later I’m nearly fit and healthy, I’m nearly super wealthy, I’m nearly going to have (hopefully trillions of dollars for humanity) and I’m close to having my perfect girlfriend, so you can’t get much better than that 🙂

I say all these things to this day, and when I have all those things I will adjust it to fit my life then and keep having faith that I will get what I ask for.

I hope that helps one or two of you out there, if anyone apart from my new girl even read’s the ramblings of an old man hehehe

Well that’s enough ramblings for one night. It’s 23.16 here now so I’m going to bed.


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