3rd Feb 2022


Here i am again, can’t sleep, really stoned…….. and I felt the urge to get up and type, so here I am. I got some morrocan hash a few day’s ago and started putting it in my vape, had a bit after my coffee and walk in the woods, felt quite nice, had some later that day and in the evening.

Same next day, then bought some tabbaco today, and after half a dozen spliff, my mums birthday down wetherspoons, micro waved curry in my opinion but they enjoyed it with the gran kids, so that was the main thing šŸ™‚ now…….. I think I I don’t want to smoke spliffs or anything, anymore. See, I gave up smoking ciggies, roll ups, about a month or two ago, and after smoking a few spliffs……I just don’t think I can do it anymore.

Maybe I’m growing out of it hehe or maybe my focus has changed…..

I don’t know but I feel it’s a good thing. I think it’s because I get out in nature everyday and get away from life for an hour a day that I’m thinking more about this stuff. Just putting my thoughts down as usual I guess.

hehe more ramblings of a stoned old man this time……

No more tho…….


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