4th Feb 2022


Back again. COuldn’t sleep….. So Im just writing my adventures and thought’s and I’ve been “thinkin boat ma baby” as the old song goes, so thought I would come on here and tell both of you hehe I don’t think she will mind and it’s a bit late now after what I wrote before…….hehehehehehe

I’m giving up smoking weed because I want to be the best version of me when I’m around her and I can’t do that if I’m stoned all the time. I will have a smoke if she ever has a smoke, if we want to be a bit silly sometimes, but only if she is. It helped me to keep sain in these uncertain times and I do like a spliff every now and then, but I’m moving to a different phase in my life and helping others not as fortunate as me.

I’m smoking the last of it now, and enjoying it but also enjoing the prospect of not smoking. I’ve got a day left, maybe two, so I will enjoy 😉

I’ve always found it easy to give up smoking so it don’t matter to me.

I would like to rent a boat and take her to the Andaman islands for a week or two if possible. I want to do the islands in Thailand and maybe all the way down to Singapore in a boat. I have sooooo many ideas. I want to visit my mate Jase in Melbourne….. and take her anywhere she wants to go, and we can go on adventures everywhere. I’m not to bothered about the states. I wouldn’t mind going to the Eceti ranch in the US to see the flying saucers and strange lights coming in an out of the mountain there. And apparently it has amazing energy there. I could be talked in to going to Mexico and Peru to see all that old stuff while I was there, as I wouldn’t see myself going back. Maybe we could go to Hawai while we’re in that neck of the woods.

Hopefully we will have the rest of our lives to do it all and helping people along the way, spreading our love and abudance, and sprinkling a little bit of magic everywhere we go……..

Yea…….I really like that idea…..

And on that note, it’s 02.11 here so time for bed. Nyt


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