17th Feb 2022


I’m back, like a renegade master……. that was a song from the 90’s I think hehe 🙂

So, While I was walking in the woods yesterday I came up with this to write, so here goes……….

I was born in Plymouth in November 1975 at roughly 4am (my mum can’t remember) in Freedom Fields hospital. I went home to Wembury, a few miles from Plymouth. My mum and Dad got divorced when I was 5 and my Dad moved to South Africa. He was a captain in the merchant navy and I didn’t see him again until I was about 20. He stopped paying for me sometime early on.

Then my Mum remarried to John about a year later and we moved to Ivybridge, about 20 minuets from Plymouth. Then we moved again to Kayton Lodge for about a year in the country somewhere quite near Plymouth I think. I don’t have much recolection of my childhood. I think because my Dad left, so I blocked it all out, as a coping mechanism. I only figured that out recently.

Then when I was about 7 we moved to Plympton, I think I did the last season in infants school and went to primary school the next season, where I spent the rest of my childhood and teenage years. My highest grade at school was a double D for science haha I wasn’t very into school, all though I went most of the time, I think, subconsously, that it was bull shit. hehe My teacher’s said if I was into something I did quite well, but I wasn’t into much, except writing, funny enough because it’s what I’m doing now, and only just realized it hehehehe

My sister, Peggy, real name Louise, is 3 years older than me and left school and went to art college in Farnham, Surrey. She fell out of the loft at art college and hurt her leg and became known as pegleg for a while, and thus Peggy these days haha

After art college she moved to London, Kentish Town. She came down to see the family when I was 18 with her boyfriend, Cal, Calvin, also called Moonbeam hehe he was a hippie with long hair in a ponytail, still is today, and I hung out with them for a few days and she said, why don’t you come and stay with us for a while in London? And I said alright, and left a few days later in the back of Cal’s little Citreon van. We broke down in Somerset and had to stay with some friends of Peg and Cal’s, Ben Dunk.

Side note: I woke up just after 7am knowing, for the first time, what I want to do with the rest of my life…….. yeeeehaaa…….. of course, I will have to run it by my better half before I say more, so stay tuned for the future…both of you hehehe

We eventualy reached London, Kentish town and after a week or two I went to my first Trance party. The band was called Total Eclipse and it was the launch party for Violent Relaxation. I took my first pill, a pink kali, and danced all night off my head and had a great time, and I decieded then and there to stay in London. I started getting job seekers allowance I think it was called back then. I took my mountain bike with me in the back of the van so I started to explore London on my bike.

After a while, I can’t remember how long, I started working for one of the guys I met on the party scene, Jonny Dunk, Ben’s brother. He had a building company for high end clients, and I worked all over London, mostly cycling there, including Holland Park, Portabello, Notting Hill and many more. After a while I became a finishing foreman, going to sites and finishing stuff and tiding up, etc. Then I started working in the office in Camden as a buyer after about a year, and moved from Kentish Town to Chalk Farm, and then to Hampsted Heath by the time I was a buyer. It was quite easy really, I had to get 3 different prices for what ever I wanted, and then go with the cheapest price, weather it was sand, cement, etc. It was good fun and I liked all aspects of building, but I definatly prefered not doing 8 hours on site hehe.

I met a lot of people through partys, not least Russell, he met my sister when she was in Farnham and he owned a sound system with Vince, it was called pod sound system, power of dance, and Cal, Russ, Vinnie, Harold, H, and me used to set up and take down party’s in London and we used to do free party’s on the Ridgeway in Oxfordshire, which was a strip of common land running through oxfordshire and I think it went almost all the way to Wales.

We did Tyson street studios in east London called Subliminal Psychadelia, that was a Psytrance party, on a friday, Sancho Panza, acid house/techno on the saturday and a boat party with Sancho Panza, down the river Thames on a sunday, starting at 12 miday to 8 in the evening, we left from London bridge and went down the river until we got off 8 hours later somewhere else in London, not far from where we started. It was good fun and I was only 19 and early 20’s back then. We were buggerd by the end of the weekend, and Russ, Vince, H and Cal still had to drive back to Farnborough hehe I just got dropped off at home haha

We also used to do Notting Hill carnival every year. And we had even more speakers there because we combined pod with Pineapple Tribe sound system so it was heaving. We did that for two days and now that I think about it, we did the party on the Thames on the Sunday, Carnival Friday, Saturday and Sunday was the boat party. It’s a long time ago now, like more than 20 years hehehe Good times though, I couldn’t do all that these days.

My girl is 10 younger me, 36, and she partied for a week last week.

Her birthday was on the 9th Feb, I had a couple of beers in honer of her while writing what I wrote on the 9th, so she went away with her grandparents and cousins for the weekend before, and carried on partying when she got back home hahaha Good on ya girl hehe


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