24th Feb 2022


Today I’m saluting myself for not not texting my girl for almost a whole day hehehe

Also today, my friend, who is a nurse, or something like that, said on Facebook, that she had tested positive for covid. So I commented, “you have been vaccinated haven’t you”? Because normally, when you have been vaccinated for a disease, you don’t get the disease. She the phoned me a few minuets later and said that my friend, her Dad, had had a heart attack and was in the hospital. Now, her Dad is about 50 now and had been doing coke, selling coke and MDMA, speed etc for years, a lot…….. I even went with him a few times, to London, to score the coke off Kate Moss’s dealer which was on average 84% proof, so I can fully understand why he had a heat attack. My flat mate in Camodia also had a heart attack and died, a few years after my stroke…. that was from doing to much coke as well.

She also gave me some shit about my anti vaccaine stance and told me I should get vaccinated. I think she forgot that I had my stroke because of a pain killer that released the blood clot in my leg and it went up to my brain, thus causing the stroke. I said, I don’t want to take an experimental vaccine when I eat organic, non proccessed food (because of my stroke I don’t trust medicines) fruit and veg, and take C60 http://www.livelongerlabs.com and exercise every day.

I trust my immune system, and God, spirit, universe, whateveryou wanna call it much more than an expiremental vaccine that has been out for less than a year. I don’t know what effect’s the jabb will have on my health, 1, 2, 10, 20, 30 years plus later. No one does, because it’s only been out 10 mins.

I guess they have been doing such a good job with the programing, that’s why the call it “programs” on the TV I think hehe ……………… let that sink in……….

Even her mum, who I have met quite a few times when I went round there with her Dad to drop off some hash messeged me and said, can you stop messaging my daughter with your wild conspiricys? And I messaged her back saying, it’s not conspiracy and gave her the website http://www.x22report.com so she could do her own reserch, and she said, no thanks…….. what more can I do.

Because I don’t work anymore I have nothing else to do but reserch, so I looked in to everything, from child trafficking to the plandemic. A good place to start is http://www.Qagg.news where he tell’s you the importance of doing your own reserch and not just trusting what the news tells you. Because all the “news” is, is a particuler narrative that they want you to believe. (I know there is spelling mistakes).


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