The Deep State, Iluminati, Cabal, what ever you wanna call them run the news in every country on earth. A good example of this is what’s going on in Ukraine right now. The news would have you believe that it’s the begining of world war 3, they are using real life like video game footage of rockets and using crises actors that have “died or injured” several times over the years, one woman was on the front of all the UK papers with bandages etc the same woman has been in lots of other “wars’ in the last few years, same bandages and everything hahahaha How stupid do they think the public is, especilly after the last psyop that we just came out of, the plandemic, people arn’t buying what there selling anymore. They have actors putting fake blood on and filming about how bad it is when in fact the USA has about 11 bioweapon labs in Ukraine, which at least 7 have been blown up by Putin now. The Biden crime family had big investments in Ukraine and it’s a hub for money laundering and child trafficking, so Putin is working for the Alliance to take all those things down. And it’s nearly done now, so the next step is the RV in my humble opinion.


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