28th Feb 2022


I have done a lot of research since I came across Q in april of 2018. I have fluride free toothpaste and a water filter that takes the fluride out and I even put that water in my kettle, so I have an uncalcified penal gland (third eye) I used to share positive things on Facebook mostly until Q. Then I started sharing things related to what was really going on in the world. I’m not on Facebook to meet people, I’m on Facebook to try and wake people up. If I only wake one person up then I consider it a worth while cause.

I’ve had to delete a few friends from Facebook because they started commenting on all my posts, having done none of thier own reseach, disagreeing on everything I said, which was mostly stuff I found and just passed on. Some people have de-friended me, and that’s ok to. We are all on our own journey, and some people don’t want to wake up, and that’s cool as well.

When the RV happens I will leave Facebook for ever because when the RV happens, it will be followed by worldwide TV coverage of what has really been going on for decades, if not centuries. It’s going to be really hard for some people, and as Q said, about 5-10% will never wake up 😦

Most of history is a lie, to create a certain narrative. We have had a secret space program for at least since the early 80’s, if not before. The universe is teaming with life, and we are soon to meet our space brothers and sisters. There are many ET’s helping us to defeat these demons, and there are many space ships that have recently come in to our solar system to witness the asscension of planet earth. When the RV happens it will be the begining of 1000 years of peace on earth (as written in the bible, apparently. I’ve never read the bible hehe).

You can find out more about these things with http://www.exopoliticstoday.com and Cosmic Disclosure on http://www.gaia.com but you have to pay 9.99 a month for Gaia.

I’m now focusing on the future and humanitarian projects for after the RV. Including organic farming and houses for the poor, and many other things too.


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