I think my girl is teaching me patience without even knowing it. I have to wait a few months before I can see her, she dosn’t text me back the same day most of the time, sometimes for days. I welcome these lessons because it helps me grow. I texted her the other day and said that I wanted the first time to be very special, in a nice location etc. I’m waiting for her reply…….. I know she will heart that hehe

I didn’t even know that you could heart or say haha to things the other person texted, until she started doing it to my messages, then I had to work out how to do the same hehe. I’m such a technophobe haha We didn’t have mobile phones when I grew up. We just used to spend a lot of time in the woods and away from civilization hehe.

Anyway, enough about my girl and my plans for me and her, because I don’t want to bore either of you hehe

Did you know that Fakebook is really CIA and nothing to do with Mark Zuckerbucks??? Most things aren’t what they seem, unfortunatly. But everything changes over night when Mr C puts the codes into the computer for the RV wooohoooooo I can’t wait and am really excited……mostly because that will set off a sequence of events that will ultimately end in me seeing my girl and starting a life together whoop whoop. haha I keep coming back to my girl hehehe stop it Rich……..no one is interested…..

I’m really prefere Rich to Richie, I just use that name for Fakebook and thinkyourselfhappy.org I guess it’s some kinda seperation between me and my alter ego….I don’t really know………but that’s my story and I’m sticking to it hehe

I got banned from fakebook for 30 days, 3 times for sharing stuff I found on Telegram, so I stopped sharing stuff from there for a while. Now I’m sharing stuff from Telegram again and Fakebook has changed tactics and moved my posts further down in peoples newsfeeds because I keep sharing mis-information… even though when Fakebook got taking court to last month over there fact checking, the “Fact checkers” admited that it was “just opinions” and not based on facts at all so……….hahahaha so you have to go to my page to see my most recent posts 😦


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