2nd March2022


I woke up at 5am this morning, down the Ridgeway shopping centre just down the road from my house by 8.50am. I walked in to the health food shop for a new bamboo, recyliable toothbrush, some organic cream for my face, (I get dry skin on my face sometimes) and some fluride free toothpaste, and I said to the girl, “it’s a bit early for me isn’t it? I woke up at 5am.” I normaly don’t come in until at least 12 miday. It was 9am. And she said, “yea, up with the morning chorus were you?” And I said, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me……..I must be in love or something.” She laughed……I laughed……If only she new….hehe

I also bought a mirror for my desk so I can shave my sides because the first time I shaved them with my new, cordless clippers, it was in the bathroom, which is really small, and hoovering up after was a nightmare, so this time I can do it sitting down with my music on and my pictures on my 32″ TV in comfort, and it will be much easier to hoover up after hehe sometimes I astound my self with my injinuity hehehe shame about my spelling haha.


Just finished shaving my head, showered for the second time today and hoovered up all the hair……much better, much easier in the front room, and not to shaby for one handed, left hand, shaving. And when I got out the shower there was a tiny strand that I missed right at back and bottem (he said bottem hehe) so not bad at all……………………I’m laughing a lot because I said, “he said bottem” hahahaha I’m so imature sometimes hehe


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