And I’m watching old films on Youtube, and ocsionaly sharing truth bombs on fakebook from Telegram….. I’m quite surprised I’m not banned for 30 days again hehe I have been pushing it the last few days hehe oh well, if I get banned again now I won’t be back because we are close to the RV me thinks hehe This film is so old he is smoking a ciggie on the operating table hehehehe Hell’s Island if anyone is interested…….I’ve just started it, dunno what it’s about, but got ma wine and cheese hehe See ya later……


The movie was ok, shit acting in the fight bits hehe, only about 3 or 4 people died, so it could of been worse…… but it was an hour and 20 mins of my time wasted, and an hour and 20 mins closer to seeing my girl, so………….hehe

When I have my medbed, apparently they can age regress you, so I want to go back to the age of my stroke, 35, so I can be my new girls toyboy hehe……….. not really…… might help to convince my step dad, who has had two heart attacks and a stroke before that. He wasn’t affected as bad as me, but does still have memory problems. But he used to work for the council, after driving a digger his whole life, and eating cheese and pickle sandwiches, 8, every day, his whole life, thus the heart attack hehe But he did a lot of good while he was a counciler, including getting zebra crossings installed and many other good things. So, I think he could do a lot more if he age regressed 10 or 20 years. And he is 83 now I think, and very, very old fashioned hehe but if I did it, with no problems, he might…’s worth a try….. and I will will give my mum and him 5M, so he could do a lot with that. Also, it would be good to be my girls toyboy, technicly hehe

I’m watching intrigue now, and eating pizza, and drinking wine….. another shit movie, but gets me even closer to seeing my love…..

In case you can’t guess, nothing else really matters now, apart from getting through each day, until I see my love……I have to do my duty along the way, see a few people etc, but all I really care about now, is seeing her……. I know it’s proberly stupid to you guys, but I’m in love, so shoot me….. hehe And I have to keep pausing the film and my pizza is cold now, because I keep pausing it to write hahaha


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