3rd March 2022


I’m hung over today because of my bottle of wine hehe So I stopped in the pub at the last minuet for hair of the dog hehe I only had one Doombar, ale, I don’t like larger as much, and they didn’t have any on tap, so I had to have a bottle, £3.09 a bottle……… no wonder I only had one…… I haven’t been to a pub for ages, sometime last year.

I do that often, I’m quite spontaneus, and do things all the time, where I don’t know I’m going to do them………… until I do.

On my walk in the woods today I added a “fucking” to my daily ritual. I said my usual “I am fit and healthy, I am wealthy, I am enough”. And said it 3 times, because the power of 3 is more powerful, apparenty. And then I said, “and so it ‘fucking’ is”. Which instantly cracked me up hehe I’ve also added, “thank you for my perfect girlfriend, *****”. She will proberly laugh at that hehe.


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