I want my next girlfriend to be my last girlfriend, and hopefully my new girl wants the same thing. I had 11 years to think about it, and now I just want my girl to be happy…….and if that means licking her out all night then so be it hehehe But seriously, my girls happiness is my number one priority. (I’m cooking dinners at the same time, so it might take a while hehe tonight I’m having tuna steak, corgette, aubergene, baby tomatoes, garlic and some chilli flakes, all cooked in butter, 5 mins on each side of the steak, with a saucepan lid over the top) Loverly……..all organic apart from the egg plant and the garlic and the tuna) Now I’m going to watch Michal Salla’s latest interview with Dr Robert Wood @ exopoliticstoday.com


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