4th March 2022


It was 11 years ago, the begining of March that I had my stroke in Cambodia. I don’t know the exact day, 3rd, 4th or 5th proberly. A lot has changed since then…..I have been working on myself, inside and out every day since, so I am a differnt person to the one who had the stroke. I create my own reality these day’s by meditating, speaking, with the “I am’s” etc. I have had 11 years to do all this and I am a better person for it. I will alway’s work on improving myself now, until the day I die. (Not to soon I hope hehe)

I never wanted kids before, because my Dad left me when I was 5, so how could I have kids with no Dad to teach me? My step dad was really strict and he was never there because he was always working so he could put food on the table. My mum worked part time as well. We were never well off, just making it through each month. It wasn’t until way after I left home and my step dad retiered and started working for the council that we they had a bit more money….but not that much more.

Now, for the first time in my life I am considering the possibity of a child due to my new love, but it’s really early days yet, and I would have to go out with her for a couple of years first, to make sure we can go the distance. With the medbed, age regresion tech, it would be easy for her to get age regressed to an age of her choosing, if we are still together and she wants to have kids. I will have a medbed or two by then, and someone to opperate it, because they can do wonders, and even regrow limbs. There are 3 types, apparently, and one of them is for regrowing limbs. I want to have somewhere in India where we can have all 3 types, a pool, and places for people to stay, dotted around the property. somewhere quite large, with loads of space so people can heal and have a bit of a holiday too. It’s just a dream at the moment, but we will see. Maybe my girl will like that idea. I want to have an organic farm there as well so we are self sufficent. Again, it’s just a thought rattling round my head at the moment. Maybe it will be something completly different hehe. I’m just putting my thoughts down.

I was baby sitting Holly today. She’s 10, I think, she was having a day off school and Peg was in a meeting all day with the Mayoress, a TV film crew and someone else about her mindful art club. She got some money from the National Lottery people last year for mindful art club and it’s doing really well apparently. Go Peggy 🙂


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