9th March 2022


I had to delete another friend yesterday. My girl knows her because I was with him when we met on Anjuna beach in Goa 15 years ago. It was either tell him he’s incredibly stupid, or delete him. (Apparently he has a really high IQ, 140 something I think, so he is living proof that you can have a high IQ and still be stupid hehe) You see, he thinks Trump is a pedo, so I said that Trump had written an executive order confisicating all moneys and propertys of anyone involeved in human rights abuse, and that would include himself so it didn’t make any sense. I also told him that Hillary, spirit cooking, baby eating, massive pedo, proberly paid a lot of money to the people that wrote those storys, because if she goes down for that ( I believe that she has already been hung for crimes against children and who ever is playing her now has a mask etc and that will come out when the Alliance says it’s time) then the whole pedo ring comes down. I stopped speaking to him about it on saturday, and just kept fowarding him stuff as I came across it, not looking for it, inculding something that said Hillary, crimes against children, and many other things, a thing of the two Joe Bidens, the dead one, an the actor who is now playing him to wake up the world to what he would have been like, and he said, your a joke. I even sent him a Q post of George Sorro’s in Ukraine just before the virus was leaked from China, suggesting that the virus was made in Ukraine and then got shipped to Wuhan, China to set up the Chinese people. And he said bull shit, and Q is a joke. By that time he had sent me over 40 messages in 3 days, which I didn’t read because I new by now that he was just talkng shit………..At that point I had to delete him, or say something unconstrucktive ( I think I spelt that wrong hehe) You see, I have been really patient with him, despite him swearing at me multiple times over the months and calling me names etc, and I didn’t bite because I like to think that I’m more mature than that hehe although you wouldn’t think so sometimes when reading this hehe Anyway, I have followed Q for about 4 years now, and everything he has said in the past is coming true now, so he can’t be a joke. Ok, rant over hahahaha I have been wanting to write this for a few days now.

My car is in for repairs at the moment, it went in on monday after I reversed in to a post while parking on the Ridgeway, down the road. It was the weekend before my girls birthday, 9th Feb, and I was busy thinking about something that she had texted me and not concentrating on the job at hand hehe I’m not blaming her at all, it was competely my fault………but I haven’t even seen her yet and she’s costing me money hehehe Of course I’m joking around here……. I thought it was funny 😉


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