14th March 2022


I didn’t think I was that clever until a few years ago, then the plandemic came along and I saw through it all most instantly, with the help of http://www.drcharlieward.com as he explaned all about it,and the vaccines that would follow. And people who tested positive for covid were actuly pedos and satanist, and there execution would be private and they would get to keep their legacy because they coperated with the military and told what they know about other pedos.

I use healthy deodarant that dosen’t have aluminium in it because that’s really bad for your skin and does all sorts of things to you over time. That, and fluride free toothpaste, organic fresh fruit and veg every day and a water filter that takes the fluride out all contributed to me seeing through the bull shit that sooooo many others didn’t because they are all eating processed, shit food for decades, which is not at all healthy.

I have come so far after changing my diet, toothpaste etc 10 years ago. It’s like I’m a different person hehe


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