Also, Barry Sototro, also known as Barak Obama has just tested positve over the weekend. He was also detainted at Gitmo, Gantanimo bay, Cuba ages ago, along with his husband, big Mike, known as Michele Obumer hehe It’s all actors with a mixture of CGI, face masks etc, including piss head Polsei, Nancy, Adam Shifty Shiff, basicly, most of the US government, and world, are pedos……. That’s the only way you can take out the pedo bastards, because it’s so widespread and global, and has been going on for hundreds of years. (I said I wouldn’t get politcal here but it’s so much more than that) They have hundreds of DUMBS (Deep underground military bases) all around the world. Australia has dumbs on top of dumbs, especialy in Melbourne, that’s why it’s so bad there……. It’s the main Ilumiati strong hold and has lots of it in the arcitecure, especily Melbourne. Most of them them have had all the children resqued and been blown up. That’s why there has been “earthquakes” all at 10k deep (33000ft) all over the world for the last 5 years. Now they are clearing up Ukraine and rescuing children there. It’s nothing like what there telling you on the news. They have pre-lifted laws for execution so they can take out all the ones who used Adrenachrome. It’s all in http://www.Qagg.news and if you sign up to http://www.x22report.com he goes over relevant Q posts every day as part of his program. If you do sign up, it’s the one in the email, because he does 2 programs a day.

But it gets even crazier haha if you go to http://www.exopolitcs.org you will find out that there is an Ark (Alien spaceship) buried in Ukraine, and it’s starting to activate, along with one on the moon and one in the Atlanitc, near the Burmuda triangle, and some others that have not been named yet, but proberly Oz, and more. I did say http://www.exopoliticstoday.com but I clicked that link a few days ago and it didn’t work, so may be it’s my spelling of politics or something, so have a play around with it cus my spelling is shit sometimes hehe but .com and .org works so just have a fiddle…… The rest I put here a few days ago work because I checked.


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