It’s all about the children. When the child trafficking is completely cleaned up, then we will have NESARA/GESARA (you can find it on the net, but basicly all credit card debt will be canceled and trillions of dollars for humanitarian projects, which I’m a part of, and many other things, including NO MORE WAR or they will get cut off from the new Quantum Finacial system. It will be called something else though) Places all around the world for child protection are really for pedos to get their grubby little hands on our kids, so that will all change as well.

Q said that symbolism will be their downfall. Epstein Island and the house of windsor, in the UK, have transhumanism symbolism, and many other places around the world. And I think Megan Merkle, Prince Harry’s wife, ( all though I heard that the real Harry and William are with there mum, Princess Di, and will come out of hiding after the Global Currency Reset, but we will have to wait and see) is a transhuman, and they didn’t have a kid, because HE can’t hahaha so they adopted one. But I also heard that most of their lives are fake, if not all of it, and they are just a brand……. so, who can tell, nothing is what it seems.

I know I switch topics a lot, but it’s just my thoughts on paper, or compter hehe

I know I said that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but that’s not entirely true, there is one person that I care about, and what she thinks of me…….you know who you are hehe

I just remembered that she told her friends about my blog and said it was good…..I hope they don’t mind the sexy talk a while ago haha


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