15th March 2022


I just asked Jason, my best friend in the whole wide world from Melbourne, Australia, if he could read my blog and give me some feedback. I don’t know if he will or not, we will have to wait and see. He’s the only one who said how well I was doing after my stroke and how positive I was, despite my stroke……. or, anyway, the only one I can remember hehe

I’ve asked a few people in the last few days, because of the stuff going on in Ukraine. I would love some people to comment, so I could know that they had read it, good or bad. Apart from 2 people who commented, I don’t know that anyone eles has read it, apart from my girl.

I bought a bottle of red wine today to celebrate getting my car back whoop whoop. A week and one day after dropping it off. I can’t understand how long it took…. I dropped it off last monday, it was sprayed on Tuesday, and it should of been back to me by thursday by my reckoning. I only scratched one panal and needed a new wheel arch cover….a polish and a clean, standard after you have some work done. I bought some tabaco on friday to go with the weed that I was going to buy upon getting my car back, but didn’t get my car back until Tuesday, so spent the money on an indian and some beers on saturday night and couldn’t afford the weed hehe…..I can stop and start, like my Dad, I didn’t even know he smoked sometimes until after his death in October 2019, before the plandemic. My sister, Peggy told me hehe


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