17th March 2022


I’ve never been in to politics, I think it’s all a croc of shit if you ask me. But then Q came along http://www.Qagg.news and started talking about the coruption and how lots of politicians, like 90% of them were in to pedophilia, and that lots of film stars, like Tom Hanks, Robert De Nero, etc were into pedo stuff, and basicly, Hollywood ( a more fitting name is Perveywood) is built on it, even directors like Steven Spielberg were into it……..But not only that, musicians, like Madona and many others, Lady Gaga, etc were into it, and you can find out EVERYONE into it when you know that everyone who went to Epstien Island was into it and they secretly recorded everything and used it blackmail politicians, film stars and musicians, and royalty around the world, pretty much all royals are involeved, and transgender is rife in royal familys, film stars and musicians…….did you know that Madona was born a man????? I didn’t either……. Tarot by Jannine goes into all of it a lot, and you can find her on Youtube.

But that’s why I’m writing all this in my bog, so I can get it all on record and so all 3 of my readers know too hehehe But seriously, while it’s fresh in my brain. I’m proberly not doing a very good job at it, but maybe sometime in the future, someone will read it and want to write a book of what bits I did record. I don’t really know, but I think it’s important to get it out there in some way.

It’s sooooo much coruption, treason, pedophillia, and it’s all the same small, relatively, group of people doing all of it. But now the whole world is finding out, and soon there will be worldwide coverage of it on the news, all at the same time, maybe 2 or 3 days of nothing but trials, convictions and executions of all involled. In paticular those invoveld in treason and Adrenachrome taking. Most of the arrests have taken place months, and even years ago, so they will have pre-recorded the trials and executions. Those who tested negative for covid didn’t confess and help the Alliance so there arrests will be public and there reputation will go up in flames hahaha so’s them right, the pedo bastards….. Most confessed so their trial and execution will be out of site, and they get to keep there legacy. Shame really, but it’s not upto me unfortunatly hehe Tom Hanks will be a big one for the normy’s, he will be executed publicly I think. Although I think he was dead a few years ago now, not long after covid hit because he wasn’t going to stop and was really into Adrenacrome, and he was the main guy to get it from apparently, so that’s why you saw Madona,and Ellen, and others doing strange songs and freaking out at the begining of lockdown, and saying where’s Tom Hanks…… creepy shit man……evil people. I’m so glad it’s nearly over, for the childrens sake, although there’s definatly kids still being rescued in Ukraine, and proberly Australia, and other places to I suspect.


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