After my last post I thought I would give you a bit of a laugh……I’ve been laughing all day because of it, so I think it’s worth it….here goes…..So I told my girl (I’m laughing uncotrollably already hahahahahaha) I told my girl that I’d tried a bit of manscaping, while I was doing my hair with the clippers in anticpation of meeting her….she said….show me, I want to see…..I thought it was a bit strange, but thought, why not, she’s going to see it sooner or later, so I took a picture and sent it to her……. and she said….haha I was talking about the hair on your head with 3 laughing faces with tears…… So I sent one back with loads of laughing emojis and a, I can’t stop laughing now…… And she said (this is the funniest bit in my opinion) Yes, you caught me by suprise there……… And I have been laughing about it on my walk in the woods, laughing about it Sainsburys at inappropriate times when I just sudenly thought about it…..I’m going to be giggeling about it for months me thinks hahahahahahahaha


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