21 st March 2022


I was walking in the woods again by the river Plym and came up with this…….So, it looks like Hunter Biden is going to be the first arrest. Thousands, if not millions of people have already been arrested behind the scenes, but the first public arrest for the normies who are still fast asleep. Q said the first arrest would shock the world, and the President’s son would definatly shock the world hehe And when they find out what Hunter has been doing to children you will understand why he was called Hunter……… If you do just a smidgen of research you will find out that China Joe, the real Joe Biden, was executed in 2019 for crimes against children. The guy playing Joe now is an actor, people are saying that Jim Carry, James woods and Sean Connery, for the sitting down parts, are playing him and they have facemasks, which I shared on Fakebook, if you have the time to do some really basic research, which most people don’t 😦 And you did read that right, Sean Connery is not really dead, along with many others, including, apparently, Elvis, Marilyn Monro, Michael Jackson, JFK jr, Lady Diana, and many more, but we will have to wait and see if that’s true or not. I got that from http://www.drcharlieward.com at the begining of lockdown. I don’t work because of my stroke so I have all day, every day, to watch videos, so I watched a lot of charlie for the first few years because he is also part of the QFS, and his team took out all the gold from underneath the Vatican sometime in 2020, and proberly loads of other places too. That’s what he does, moves large somes of cash and gold around the world. Has done for years.


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