25 th March 2022


So, it looks like I was right, Hunter Biden is going to be the first arrest. If you go to my fakebook page and you will see that I shared a link to charlie Ward saying, Hunter Biden arrested? And if you watch the video, towards the end Chas was reading his live comments and they were saying that Hunter Biden had just been arrested. Give it a day or two and see if Dave@ http://www.x22report.com says anything, because that’s the only news I trust and listen to every day. But if so that’s big news because the Chinese elders, the ones behind the Global Cirrency Reset GCR won’t allow the trillions of pounds for humanity and the Revaluation RV of curreny’s around the world, until we, the public, see perp walk’s of all the people that have done horrible things to our children for decades. It’s actuly 1000’s of years, in reality. And Q always said it would be drips of information coming out, turns in to a flood……….

Trump also sued Hillary Clinton and many others yesterday, and you can find that on my Fakebook page too……….You can find most of what I’m talking about there if you spend half hour going through my post, so you know I’m not bull shitting you hehehe I forget how much I share every day now because it’s starting to look a lot like a flood of info hehe FINALY Yeeeeehaaaaaaa 🙂


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