30 th March 2022


I think this might be my most important one yet……..so here goes…..

You remember how I said I had to delete my friend after being really patiente with him for months right? Well his uncle died in Hospital last Tuesday and I couldn’t tell him because I deleted him 😦 I did try looking, and found my girl had joined Telegram, but couldn’t find him. Well he messaged me yesterday and said , “have you heard about @@@@@@?” And I said yea, @@@@ told me the morning after, but I deleted you for being a wanker and couldn’t find your number. And he said, “stop being stuck on bullshit conspiracy bullshit Start following truth. (notice his grammar is even worse than mine and I corrected the next bit too….funny for someone with such a high IQ….) My uncle is now gone because of trumps virus. And I said, ” I keep trying not to listen to bull crap but you keep messaging me” with a laughing face and tears because I thought that was funny hehe I mean…..it is funny right? I’d have said toushay to that haha He didn’t think it was funny at all….. he said, “Whatever, If you can support someone who sanctioned the killing of millions of people for finacial gain then you need to do some serious spirtual work on yourself.” Now, for a start, Trump didn’t take a sallary the whole time he was in office, he gave it all to charity, so duh…. second he has had at least 30 contracts out on him ( hits to kill him) since he became President because he was actually doing everything he promised to do, and more than he promised, including space force, and completed all of his promises by the time he left, which is almost unheard of. I didn’t say all that to him because by now I knew it was like talking to a brick wall, and he wouldn’t listen to anything I said because “Trumps a pedo”……….that’s all he ever says, despite all the reasons why he isn’t hahaha You see, Trump has had more hit peices written on him than any other President because of all the good things he was doing. And people, proberly mostly Hillary paid a lot of money to write them because he was taking down their international pedo ring that had been running for decades, if not centuries.

So, instead, I had a revelation, because I had been wondering for months why he wasn’t understanding what I was saying, despite me going into great details, for months, and sharing loads of articles with him, which everyone was fake, according to him…… I was on my daily walk in the woods and thought, I’m just going to send him love and healing. So when I got home, I don’t take my phone to the woods because it messes with my vibe hehe…. I sent him a message saying, “I’m sending you love and healing” with a heart. And he hasn’t messaged back so……..

Now I’m going to add, ” I am sending @@@@@ and all beings on the planet love and healing ,” to my daily mantra’s while walking in the woods. I think maybe that will help, seeing as I was saying thank you for my perfect girlfriend, before I met her, and I am wealthy, before I ever got the zim, and I am fit and healthy, way before I found out about medbeds. And I think I told you before, when my Dad had a heart attack in South Africa the September before lockdown, and was in a coma, I went to the woods every day and said, “I am send my Dad love and healing”, and after about a week he woke up and went home and died a few weeks later at home, after a nice walk with his wife……And the Doctor’s didn’t understand how he had come out of the coma so quickly…… So we are more powerful than we can possibly imagine, and the dark cult know this and have kept it hidden from us for centuries, but we are just starting to relearn these things. We were made in the image of god, and Jesus said that you will do the things I do and more…… Now, again I haven’t read the bible, I don’t go to church or anything like that, but I have heard a few things over the years haha.

So, I thin, maybe more of us should send love and healing to friends and family that are not understanding what is really going on in the world, rather than get pissed off with them. You don’t have to speak to them as much, but always be polite, you don’t know what’s going on in there lives, it might be really hard for them. I think life is quite hard if you haven’t had some time working on yourself…….Thus I’m writing this hehe

One last thing before I call it a day, I really care for my girl now ( I’m madly in love with her but don’t tell anyone hehe) and that’s why I shared the fluride thing with her, because I would like her to know why I use fluride free toothpaste and water filter, and my sis, I didn’t bother sharing it with my mum and step dad cus they are in a coma as far as all this stuff goes and I will be lucky if they even get in a medbed, but we will see hehe.


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