9 th April 2022


Pedophilia is making it’s way in to the main stream media now, (MSM) they are talking about grooming and many people from Disney have been arrested for being pedos in the last few months. Actualy, every year for a decade, people from Disney have been arrested for being pedos…….

I think we are close to the RV and NESARA/GESARA because once the crimes aganst children hits the normies they have to follow it quite quickly with some amazing news. One person put it as you have to give them a big dose of honey after you drop the pedophilia bomb on them……. I’m power phasing again, but you get the general idea, and when they find out it’s in all governments around the world……. And NESARA/GESARA is perfect because this involes no more wars, increased benefits for the elders and disabled, free energy, release of loads of surpressed patents, medbeds and many other things.

You can find it @ http://www.intothelight.news

There have been protests outside Disney this past week, and I think they are finaly done, thank god. The amount of hidden pedophilia symbols in Disney films is unbelevable. But now people are starting to wake upto this.

I bloody hope NESARA/GESARA happens soon so I can go and meet my new love, and start our life together hehehe


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