15 th April 2022


I’m sat here naked again at 5am hehehehe……..Just in yesterday @ http://www.x22report.com Ivermectine cures cancer, maybe AIDS, and many other things. Big pharma is going down. Q said in one of his posts that , “What if cures already exist? Do they come clean and tell us, or colaspe under there own wait of ilegal activities” ? Guess they are going to collaspe hahahaha @ http://www.Qagg.news he said many times, “This is not just another 4 year election”. Talking about Trump. And there was a clip from a film were it said, “we’re gonna burn down the whole disesed temple down , it’s going to be biblical,”. or something like that, with Gerad Butler, I can’t remeber the name of the film, you can find it on Amazon Prime. And they are literaly doing that with EVERYTHING in the world that is wrong. I shared something on Fakebook yesterday about how the food shortages wern’t about Ukraine, Covid, or anything else, they were getting rid of the GMO’s and all the poison’s that they have been putting in the world food supply’s for decades, pretty much my whole life, almost. They are cleaning up EVERYTHING, from big pharma, to our food supply, and everything in between and starting back how it should be, was ment to be, before they started poisoning us. It’s literally written in stone, there plans to depopulate the world, on the Georgia guide stones in America, the whole plan. You see, in there sick little minds, or maybe it’s just how things are done, I don’t know, they have to tell us what they are doing, and if we don’t object that’s classed as a green light to do what ever they like.


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