So Tarot by Janine on YouTube just said that the anouncement of the Queen dying (she died 2 years ago) would kick everything off and we would be setting appointments (currency holders) and then maybe ET’s in the UK, Irleland, maybe Australia, New Zealand, she said she was getting at the time. Maybe 3 Gorges Dam collaspe (also already happened, but the public will find out) Maybe air raid syrens in some areas, maybe due to ET’s, etc something big to wake up those still sleeping (some are in a coma hehe) but no one can say for sure what’s going to happen, so what ever happens, don’t worry because the military’s worldwide are in control and soon after we will have a whole new world, with good governments worldwide, for the people, and Trillions of dollars for humantarian projects, free, or really cheap energy worldwide, release of 1000’s of patents, things to clean up the earth that have been surpressed, and many other great things. It shouldn’t last very long, maybe a few days, maybe a week, filmed trials and executions of evil people etc. And then I’m off to India as soon as humanly possible to see my sexy woman hehe.


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