So my sisters children are struggling from anxiety so I emailed her today and said:

Richard Fussell <richfussell@gmail.com>13:46 (7 minutes ago)
to Peggy


Say: I am fit and healthy, inside and out (your anxiety etc)

I am wealthy (cuz why not start early)

I am enough

When you wake up in the morning while lying in bed, say this 3 times.Because of the power behind saying it 3 times)

Then start your meditation from www.zen12.com

Within 6 months, because only you can fix yourself,  so it takes some work on your part, you’re anxiety will be all gone and you will feel enough.

I am enough is 3 very powerful words because over time you will KNOW that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

I hope it works.

So any of you who are struggling to be happy, and not as mad as I am with being thankful for 100 things every fucking day hehe, you might like this shorter version too.


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