I can’t sleep for some reason, got abit of pain in my left leg so I thought I would write a bit…..

I got inspired to write this from listening to Santa Surfing at http://www.beachbroadcastnews.com this morning while lying in bed, as I listen every morning to her, and I just wanted to clarify that everything that I have done regarding the thank you’s etc is because God/Universe/Spirit/Creator, what ever you want to call it, is amazing, and as long as you have faith, faith in yourself, faith in God, and do a daily practise, no matter how small, just saying thank you for the day, can really change your life if you do it regular, so all the glory goes to God really, that’s what I’m trying to say, it’s got nothing to do with me really, I asked for only 3 things in the form of saying thank you for them before I had them and I’m pretty damn sure I’ve got all 3 in the near future, My health, my wealth, and my perfect girlfriend. I mean I know we will have to work stuff out as we go, but if I start off with the fact that she’s my perfect girlfriend then everything else is secondry me thinks hehe

Santa Surfing was talking about a dream she had the day before and today she just read all the comments of what poeple interepted her dream to mean, and it was all God based intereptations. She had a dream that she had to answer some questions, I think, and then it would release NESARA/GESARA and there were 11 doors and apparently 11 is uncorupltable (I think I butchered that spelling hehe) and one had lots of fresh fruit and seeds and things and I can’t really remeber the rest so I think I’m going to stop there hahaha but you get the idea that it was a God inspired dream so……

Maybe I will comment that I got inspired to write some of my blog because of her show……after all I did nick a bit of her signing off by adding, “God bless you all, have a beautiful day, alhoa” to my daily thank you’s while walking in the woods every day hehe, and I will say that too, if I can work out wear to comment haha

I said maybe I would do those things to my girl because she might not like to be blinfolded or tied to the bed hehe and that’s cool with me, just a little fantasy of mine.

I did get some weed today after a while without it so maybe that’s why my leg hurts, makes you think, I’m not enjoying it either today, and only had a couple…….maybe it’s time to stop……..


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