It seems that Santa Surfing is a mind reader ( Just kidding, I suspect she had many people ask her how to comment hehe) because this morning she told us exactly how to comment, so I did, and told her about this site and that I knicked a bit of her signing off…….maybe she will see my comment, and maybe she will read my blog, but I don’t mind either way as I know she is really busy and she comes on every day and does her broadcast, no matter how she’s feeling, and I know it must be hard to keep doing that day in and day out, so much respect to her. I find it diffaclt (my spelling is really bad today hehe) to write something more than once or twice a week 🙂

I got a comment by Sebastian a few weeks ago but I couldn’t find out how to read his blog because I’m such a technophobe haha So if your reading this and would like me to read your blog my email is richfussell@gmail.com 🙂 if you give me a link then I will read it.


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