I just found this on Telegram and thought it was worth sharing, so here is the complete quote and you can make up your own minds, but I think it’s self explanitary really, and I trust Utsava because she is a truther, like me, and pretty much everything she says can be trusted in my humble opinion:


People who have been tested for the corona virus, may not realize that the testing swab contains cancer-causing substances. Also, any swab, including pap smear, can contain cancer-causing elements. I have consulted some clients where this issue came up and have recommended to them, in many cases, Moringa tea with lemon juice. It knocked the beginning stage of cancer right out! If you are looking for cancer-preventatives or treatments there are many options. I recomend starting the process with graviola and moringa teas or tincture.

Now my girl took a test so I forwarded this to her and said that I drink freshley sqeezed organic lemon juice every day. (I didn’t put the freshley squeezed, organic bit, but she knows what I’m like, and she will read this too) Lemon is alkaline and a good cancer preventative if taken daily, or regular.

Also, COVID 19 Actualy stands for, wait for it…………Certificate Of Vaccination IDentifcation and in Gemantria, where A is 1, and B is2, C is 3, D is 4 etc, 19 means AI……….. like what???????

The governments know all about Gemantria and have been using it for decades, if not centuries. It’s Gods language I believe. You can find out more about it from Tom Numbers on Youtube. Trump uses Gematria to speak to us, the ones who know, and has used it alot over the last four or 5 years. And we know does a lot of deodes and news on Rumble.

That’s why I will NEVER take another vaccine, or trust ANYTING the “Governments” say. I never did trust the governments anyway, but now people all around the world are starting to realize that govenments can’t be trusted, thus the great awakening hehehe

I did get given a few vaccines when I was a baby, but only a few, these days babys are given more than 10, proberly even more than that, I have no kids, yet, hehe so I have no idea.


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