Global warming is a hoax to make money, simples. In the 90’s they were saying that by 2012 (I just picked a date but you get the idea) that low lying places like Florida etc would be under water. I saw a picture of a Cornish beach, were they had the G20 or what ever it was and there was a picture of the beach in the 50’s, and a picture of the same beach with loads of politicians recently, the sea levels were exactly the same and a caption saying something like, “meeting to discuss global warming”. hahahahahahaha how stupid do they think we are. All this bull shit goes away the second Mr C puts the codes into the computer. Speaking of Mr Cotterel, he’s on with Markz today, as every Friday, for some more truths, history, etc if anyone’s interested. You can find him at the original markz on YouTube. He’s on his backup channel at the mo, Trolling news network, because he got banned for taking about January 6th last week haha.


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