I would just like to say sorry to my girl, I sent her a message saying I wasn’t going to text her until we RV, then drank a bottle of red wine and sent her 3 texts hahahaha just ignore them (like you did hehe) I had no right to ask.

Now, I still can’t write things the old way, when I do what I used to do to write, I don’t have the option to write, it just gives me the same as you guys, but my sis sent me an email with a link, so I just go via my sisters email now haha whatever works eh?

God is in each and every one of us, not out there somewhere. You don’t have to go to church on Sundays, Jesus actually said, “don’t build houses in my name”…… or something like that.

You just should take time every day, at least 10 mins, preferably in nature, and and just BE QUIET, haha I know that might be hard for some people hehe

I get a coffee and drive to the woods, 10 mins away, drink my coffee, start my walk with a few mantra’s, and I’m set up for the day. Simples……

I got sent something yesterday and listened to it this morning at 7.30ish and it was very good so I sent it to my girl and a few good friends and I shared it on Fakebook, Max Igan in conversation with Jason something……and Jason was saying that every 138 years a reset occurs of all the bad peoples, fire and brimstone like scenario thingy, and the last one was in 1902, and the next one is in 2040 in May the 15/16th. He, Jason spent a long time in prison from 17 and spent his time reading all sorts of books. You really should watch it because I’m not doing it any justice at all hehehe (it’s on Bitchute, I know that much haha)

I’m not sure if this is the same as the solar flash or as well, but it sounds similar so……….

If it’s the same then he nailed down the exact date. Apparantly the giza pyrmid has 138 all over it in angles or something, because the oldies in the past knew all about this and we only stopped having knowlegde of it around 1902. But he calls it the phenix event or something like that (god my memory is shit because of the stroke) But the 33 Degree of masonary is all about that, according to him, and it just has a phenix (totaly spelt that wrong twice now haha). Again, you should really watch it……very interesting.

Right enough of me butchering spellings haha I’m off to have my 2 Sunday pints of ale, in the beer garden looking out to sea in the distance from the Moorland hotel on the edge of the moors whoop whoop………


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