So, my girl is in South Goa now, going on more adventures…….I’m soooooo jealous hehehe

I think the meaning of life is to help others without expecting anything in return and going on adventures and see the world 🙂

See diferent cultures, and if your helping other peeps along the way then the universe will look after you.

It was 26 degrees at 10 pm last night, and 20 degrees until morning and now it’s 33 degrees, so we havin some heat hehehe Really unusual but hey…….I like the heat so…..

Tarot by Janine http://www.tarotbyjanine.com said the raid on the white house was a white hat opp, and it will be used in the future to help Trump 🙂 Now, I’m just speculating here, but it would be quite cool if they used it to say that Trump is completley clean when their going after other politcians (which I think a precedent has just been set hehe) And all the other politicians will have loads of dirt on them hahaha


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