Just before I get back to the Ismael intel, the old Queenie is on her last legs, and I think that when she dies, (she died in 2019 I think, due to kiddie fiddling, it wasn’t her choice) but for the sake of the movie were all watching, the sleeping people will think she’s still alive and about to die………..when that happens, we get our RV and GCR, Global Currency reset. whoop whoop I texted my girl that, she knows what’s going on.

Prince Andy wasn’t the only kiddie fiddler, they were all at it……….I think Diana took her real children with her when she faked her death, and who ever is playing Harry and William, well, it’s not them.

Back to the Ismael stuff……..

It’s all a war against AI really, Zuckerburg is one of 300 million AI type people walking among us on the earth right now. They look like normal people because they have got so good at it. (I don’t know who “they” are hehe

Since 2011 that has been going on apparently.

It will be like heaven on earth after the solar flash, so he says.

You can die and a medbed will bring you back to life. (I don’t for how many days after you die before it won’t work) Ismael was a super soldier, and his memorys are just starting to come back now. You see, they wipe everyone’s memorys who are super soldiers, and only about five % of folks can retrieve those memorys, apparently.

There are tunnels under the white house, and I saw video of kids coming out of the White House at stupid o’clock in the morning a few months ago. 😦

The actor, or who ever is playing Biden, has never set foot in the White House, it’s all filmed somewhere else with green sceens and who knows what else.

Ismael has shut himself away and just studied all this for 25 years because he new that one day we would all want to know this stuff, when the great awakning hits…………which is now 🙂

The best thing you can all do is eat organic non processed food like fruit and veg where possible so that you are a bit preppared for the solar flash. Which, my best guess, from what research I’ve done, is March/April 2024, I don’t think it’s before that, but defo coming at some point after that, in my humble opinion.

Service to others, not service to self, 51 % service to others, so they say.

The ET’s are helping us because they can’t evolve unless we do, so they are tring to help as many as possible.

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