Ding dong, the witch is dead hehe

I watched santa surfing in bed this morning and she played that from the wizard of oz πŸ™‚

I stayed at my sisters with Emily the little black cat…..she listened to Santa too hehe

I’m so happy she’s finaly dead publicly, now we can move forward with our blessings for the whole world.

Didn’t you think it was strange that the richest woman in the world, who could cure world hunger proberly a 1000 times over and and still be the richest woman in the world, but never did?????

All this talk about global warming, she could have planted trillions of trees, trees literaly eat carbon dioxide, and saved the planet . 1. if global warming was a real problem 2. If she really cared.

I’m going to plant loads of trees with some of my humanitarian funds. Most likley trillions if I can. You could proberly plant trillions on the Sahara desert alone hehe

Did you know that she was really German and changed her name from Saxon Barron something to Windsor to sound more english.

Did you know that she was illigitimate??

I’m not sure when it changed……Richard 3rd was a true King, in the time of Robin Hood, but sometime after that…..

Sat on a golden throne, etc etc……

Did you know that September 11th, don’t know what year, but a few hundered years ago, the Freemasons were first formed?

Well it’s September 11th this Sunday, and Mr C always said that we would wake up one Sunday morning and the whole world would have changed………..fingers crossed hey whoop whoop

Also, September 11th 2001 when the two towers came down was when we we’re spose to have NESARA/GESARA but the computers that were going to make it happen were in one of the towers.

Did you know that September 11th is the real birthday of Jesus? I may have said that before.

We’ve been lied to about EVERYTHING for EVER haha……..

And I’m quite fucking excited about the medbed coming to me at my appointment ( I hope and pray every day )

I watched something a few years ago where Queenie and Prince Philip went to Canada in the 70’s I think it was, and they went to a orphanage, where the kids all got dressed up in their best cloths, which in an orphanage isn’t much, and the Queen and Phillip picked 10 children and took them off on a hike in the woods and those 10 children were never seen again 😦

They even got taken to court over it but the court couldn’t do anything because those two are above the law.

Not anymore, they were both executed for crimes against children.

Now, please don’t take my word for it, I found it on the net somewhere, by accident, wasn’t looking for it, so please see if you can find it. I’m just sharing the things I found.

Please do you’re own reaserch and come to you’re own conclusions πŸ™‚

I’ve shared this a few times on FB, it’s code words for people who tested positive for covid.

Queenie and Phil tested positive……

Soon you will about certain high profile people (celebraties, politicians, executives, elite, billionaires) having CV. Here are some CODE WORDS to look out for.

SELF QUARANTINED = under house arrest, either Federal gards or ankle braclet.

SELF QUARANTIED, CV exposure = detained and being questioned.

TESTED NEGATIVE = No confession, so they are going to trial after worldwide mass arrests. If convicted their reputation and legacy will be destroyed.

TESTED POSITIVE = They confessed and taking a deal. Their execution will be out of the public eye. Execution will be portrayed as suicide or some sort of accidental death. Their reputation will be preserved.

Remember, these people have been arrested for major crimes against humanity NO PITY

Pay very close attention to these CODE WORDS in the media.

And there you have it πŸ™‚


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