So, according to Mr C, we are very close. Now, you don’t know Mr C like I do, but when he says we are close, we’re close. He’s been in this game for 30 something years, had a heart attack, or two, a stroke, and various health problems due to his role in this. (putting the codes in that will change the world)

Soooooo……bring it on….I’m so ready….

On another note, I say hi to dogs on my daily walk in the woods. The owner’s think I’m saying hi to them, but I’m really saying hi to the dogs……don’t tell anyone hehe

I was going to share some of my blessings with Emma but I can’t now 😦 I’m sure I will come up with some way of sharing my blessings with her in some way.

I think that’s all for today…..I did shed a tear or two in bed this morning. I messaged Laura a few days ago, saying that medbeds are coming out the same day we RV, and I told her to say that, but I guess she couldn’t wait.


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