I’m a bit pissed now, 2 glasses of wine down. The last time I had a bottle of wine, last week, I decieded, after a bottle of wine, to phone my girl in India. Now, I didn’t think about the time difference, and it was about 8 pm here, so about 1 or 2 am in India. She didn’t answer and I appoligised the next day via text. Anyway, I went off on a tangeint there and forgot what I was going to say hehe

Ahhh I remember……I’m making a potatoe salad with tomatoes, cucumber, spinach,tuna, mayonaise and a bit of chilli for good measure. When cutting the cucumber I have to peel off the celophane first, which is tightly wrapped around the cucumber. Easy you say…….but with only one working hand (left) it’s a bit more difficult…..I had to put the cucumber in between my legs, just below my cock, and do a wanking motion to get the celophane off, which would of looked like I was having a wank to anyone watching from the window. hehe

And there you have some it, some of the trials and tribulation of some of the things I have to deal with from having a stroke. hehehe

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