I mostly watch films on Amazon, and I share anything of interest from Telegram to Fakebook inbetween films. I don’t spend much time on FB because it’s shit hehe and I keep getting banned for sharing the truth…..

I have lots of friends on FB and my profile is public, so if I only wake up one person I consider that a win for humanity.

I post the odd inspiratiol quote when I come accross them too, because who dosen’t need some inspiration, right??

Julian Assange practicly addmitted that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC hack, not Russia, so that whole Russian collusion was bull shit from the start. That’s why they killed Seth, using MS13 gang members, and then the two gang members that killed him showed up dead a few weeks later so they couldn’t talk.

I shared on FB recently that a freedom of information request was recently requested for all the files on Seth, which originaly the FBI said there was none, but it turns out there’s something like 20K of them so………haha things are heating up.

Durham is the prosecutor who will take down Hillary and the rest of the Deep State, Illuminati, Cabal, what ever you want to call them.

Seth may well be alive and in witness protection now.

And I think it’s all going to kick off at the same time Mr C puts the codes in, just before, or just after there will be mass arrests of those left, according to Mr C, and an emergency broadcast system to the whole world about what has really been going on for decades.

But, with everthing, we will have to wait and see…….But I think we’re nearly there.

Markz said Friday that he got a call from Charlie Ward http://www.charlieward.tv that morning saying early next week. Charlie’s part of the QFS team, so I think he would know. hehe

I fucking hope so…..

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